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This is to confirm that the information shared during the filling the form is true, accurate, complete and reasonable in every sense and I believe as available and known to me, nothing has been hidden for any reason and is updated till the last minute of filling the form and details.

I do affirm the form has been filled out by me and applying for membership at MSME DOST is my personal choice. I am eligible, mentally fit, and without any pressure from anyone or any source, and it's my personal decision taken in full state of mind. The application is binding on my end. The management at MSME DOST, or the Leadership Team is free and has full right to accept and reject my application for any reason either before accepting with or without disclosing any reason or they may even cancel or repudiate my membership for any reason on any sufficient ground that has been considered legitimate steps for the benefit of DOST(s), forum MSME DOST or otherwise to the protect the interest, values, credibility of the DOST(s), any Atithi or the Forum. My expulsion on any ground will be acceptable to me without any right to challenge or any recourse or any right whatsoever.

I know the value of this information filled in the form or the fields that were provided in the form, and I am sure to keep it updated through proper means and media or bring it to the knowledge of the Leadership team through proper and official modes in writing and if required also will keep informed the Forum/ MSME DOST Management. These changes may be in any information required, be it optional or compulsory or field provided, be they minor or temporary I assure to keep it updated and informed. My failure to do the same means and is tantamount to falsification of the aforesaid information and all or any important parameters to join MSME DOST or my application of being a DOST/ Member. I know the consequences of sharing false information or intentionally not providing will mean and result in my termination of membership with all consequential losses with no further right or recourse for any reason.

I understand that the information that I am sharing is on this web portal and as a part of a directory for related network people. Being online, members, as well as anyone, can access and connect as I am part of the forum. I approve of people connecting me and I give my consent. The management of the Forum, portal, and team handling is not responsible for any wrong connections, miscommunication, poor communication, bad communication, or anything otherwise.

I accept that I have disclosed everything asked for in the Membership Form and the information(s) is neither hidden nor intended for as asked in the form and will be updated from time to time so that management, DOST(s), and Toli, Forum, MSME DOST can take an informed decision. Anything that is very crucial for considering my membership or anything otherwise that I will personally bring to the notice of the Leadership Team or management of the Toli, Forum, MSME DOST or to my Introducer even if it is not asked for in this form.

I know and agree to attend physical meetings as well as digital meetings which is the main objective of this Networking platform and will abide by the policies and methods framed for the benefit of the MSME DOST, the platform, and its DOSTS and any changes therein from time to time.

I accept that I will take all reasonable means to give and get business and referrals. I will actively participate in 1-2-1, JMV, Business Presentation, and Detailed Business Presentation, will come to every meeting planned and prepared for Networking, avail the opportunity by coming before the time for Physical meetings, will try to be present in all formal or informal meetings or togetherness celebrations, activity or such occasions, functions or joint effort that can increase visibility, bonding, and networking.

I understand and agree that the Membership Fees, Annual Fees or any other fees/ charges or by whatever name it is collected are non-refundable and the meeting charges as well as other incidental charges is a reimbursement cost and is required for the operation of the meeting, and for the objectives of the Forum and is for the use of the DOSTS only and the platform has not have much relevance and intervention on the same. I will pay it timely and any charges for late payment, or delayed payment or any action for the same is aggregable to it as decided and implemented by the Leadership Team or management.

I will help DOST(S) of the Toli & Forum to grow their business by sharing possible network, knowledge or guidance, referral and will help to grow the Forum & Platform.

I will never say anything negative about any DOSTS/ Toli Member, or any DOSTS of any member of any Toli related to MSME DOST. I will never speak or try to demean, degrade or make any personal remarks about anyone’s behavior, activity, expertise or subject knowledge or anything personal or professional. I will never put any comparatives or such facts or figures which directly or indirectly mean to put anything or anyone in any way feel guilty, insulted or inferior from my marketing strategy or action in the Toli or its social media pages, whatsapp group or within members at any forum or level of meeting be it 1-2-1 or JMV or any small gatherings formal or informal. I will only promote my busienss and in a way that do never have reason to raise concern or point or indicate anyone with similar, clash or conflicting categiry or DOSTS or anything otherwise. If I will have any personal grudges, misunderstandings or anything that is or can sound negative will sort them with DOST(s) concerned or bring it to the knowledge of proper authority appointed for such purpose, Paraspar Maitri Mitra or Anushashan Mitra or the Leadership Team only through proper mode. I will try not to bring any of my personal point in any meeting or such occasion wherein it may be not confidential and raise it with deceny with Leadership Team in personal call or messages.  Anything to the contrary will be taken very strictly.

I do understand of the values of being Category specific and Toli specific and I will stick, reserve and limit myself as registered and in the record for every purpose with DOSTS & MSME DOST. I will apply for the requests in case of any changes in these which is subject to a certain set of rules and regulations defined. This change(s) is also subject to availability, approval, lock-in-period and may or may not incur any charges or additional cost that will have to pay.

I accept and understand the value of giving visibility to DOST(s) and the Forum. To increase the reach of DOST(s), and the Forum, I accept and will do all needed including sharing, liking and positively contributing in every possible way and within my knowledge, ability and reach the creatives, links, posts, content, creatives shared with me through reliable and proper source. I agree to do the same, like & share, I understand this will increase my own visibility, and DOST(s) visibility and will also help to strengthen the Forum, MSME DOST and thereby contribute to the growth of all concerned and related to it including myself.

I do understand sending a Substitute to the meeting is an alternate option given and will always send only those genuinely selected and trusted persons for the meeting whose presence will not in any way be less than other persons be it Atithi and DOSTS sitting in the meeting room and in networking pre and post-meeting. I take full responsibility of the person who represents me as my substitute not only during the meeting but also afterward and I assure that they are my reliable and known person whose identity is properly known, maintained, and or connected to me and I believe the same to be true and correct.

In the interest of DOST(s), Toli and Forum, I will bring Atithi /Visitor(s)/ Guest(s) and help in every possible way to understand the values of getting on board at MSME DOST, help them join this Forum and help the growth of Forum and DOST(S) as well.

I understand and accept that I have joined or am willing to join MSME DOST, Toli and any activity related to it for my personal business promotion as disclosed as per my Business category. I assure and take full responsibility that I will not directly or indirectly pitch by words, action or anything about any Forum at any place, level or with any DOST(s), forum, meeting, JMV (Joint Member Visit), Get-together or formal or informal gatherings anything except my core business and will not help to promote the objectives of any other forum or the forum itself irrespective of nature or my intention or relation. Any such act or behavior if found or have any allegation which is proven correct by the management considering from Day 1 of the relation of being part of MSME DOST as Atithi or after joining will be tantamounting to my expulsion from membership and I am solely responsible for any loss of reputation, values and will have no right what so ever.

I do commit myself that I will never do any such act by word of mouth, action or otherwise, that can misguide, deviate or mold DOST(s) or Atithi or anyone to join any other or similar forum or anywhere otherwise be it physical or digital, irrespective of objective being Business, Social or anything. I will accept any disciplinary action including my expulsion or disassociation from this forum, MSME DOST if found to do any such act or any act that can indirectly or directly result in taking or poaching, molding, or deviating people away from MSME DOST. I agree any action with or without right, depending upon allegation, I will be given an opportunity to be heard or explain myself and this is the sole discretion of the management team, governing body, and the forum, MSME DOST to give or not to give this opportunity.

I agree to follow the terms and conditions set by the management and management team to manage the Forum. It is very important to follow the guidelines framed for the benefit of DOSTS and the relation among each other so respect, values, discipline, and ethics are expected in strict sense and adherence. I also accept to bind myself for any changes from time to time the management and the Forum deem necessary for the smooth functioning, including any changes to be made for any legal or statutory compliance or obligations.