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MSME Dost is the concept & brainchild of a Tech-enthusiast Business Owner with over 15+ of experience under the belt.

It has been pulled off with an expert and enthusiast Business Owners who realized the necessity of a Service Platform where people listed as Service Partner is from their trusted network only and whose Credibility is measured and authenticated through genuine means and sources.

MSME Dost believes in the mantra "SERVING COMMUNITY WITH RESPONSIBILITY" MSMEDost mantra is 3R's Rating, Review & Repeat.

MSME DOST organizes structured meetings of DOSTS in both PHYSICAL & DIGITAL modes, a perfect mix of Tradition with Technology, know each other, their Businesses, exchange Business, ideas, and best practices and pass Business Opportunities in their network for growth & betterment of DOSTS, a win-win situation for all concerned.


To make the world a small family where every opportunity or business connect is passed through a common network or reliable and trustworthy connections. MSME DOST aims to make word of mouth a powerful tool of marketing and every business is met and served by such one or another such referrals.


Mission We stands committed to partnering in Nation Building. We pledge to contribute the ecomony of the the Globe, increase Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and generate more and more Business and referal, employment opportunity and scaleup the capability of Business preneur and all concerned.

At MSME DOST, we believe in the power of connections, collaboration, inclusivity, continuous learning, and trust. We provide a platform for businesses to connect, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships. Through regular meetings and networking events, we encourage collaboration and celebrate diverse expertise. We prioritize personal development through educational sessions and workshops, keeping our members updated with industry trends. Trust and integrity are at the core of our community, promoting ethical business practices. Join us to experience the power of meaningful connections and collective success.
We believe that bringing a customer on the platform where there are a number of service providers who are like minded working with a pledge to timely serve the business community and the society and satisfy the customer at any cost is contributing indirectly to the business of customers thereby a partner in nation building. MSME DOST will take all necessary steps, follow up and incentivize the customer for providing their feedback, any complain, glitches on any suggestion so that they feel heard and we can improve our services timing value on anything that makes us even .0001% better than the last service provided by us. With every service completion, we will ask customers to give us an honest & proper review rating, share our portal and services network with the people in their connect, their customers, their vendors, their service providers even their employees or within their family.

Why to Join MSME DOST

Join MSME DOST and unlock the potential to amplify your business, build valuable relationships, and thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Business Networking

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals to expand your business network and discover new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Knowledge Exchange

Engage in informative sessions, educational presentations, and 1-2-1 meetings to gain valuable insights, learn from industry experts, and enhance your business acumen.

Referral Network

Tap into a vast network of trusted business connections and receive high-quality referrals, increasing your chances of acquiring new clients and expanding your customer base.

Support and Guidance

Benefit from the collective wisdom & experience of fellow DOSTS who provides support, guidance, & mentorship, helping manage challenges and achieve business success.

Brand Visibility

Showcase your business & increase brand visibility through social media promotions, event participation, collaborative marketing initiatives within the MSME DOST.

Personal and Professional Growth

Avail opportunities for personal and professional growth through skill development workshops, leadership roles within the platform, and exposure to diverse business perspectives.

Our National Team

We proudly accept our National Advisory Team as our Guide, Mentor and all time Advisor for entire steps we take and our frequent update, suggestions and support from them is the keep to our growth and success.

Our Startup Advisory Committee

We proudly accept our Startup Advisory Committee as our Guide, Mentor and all time Advisor for entire steps we take and our frequent update, suggestions and support from them is the keep to our growth and success.

Our Women Empowerment Committee

We proudly accept our Women Empowerment Committee as our Guide, Mentor and all time Advisor for entire steps we take and our frequent update, suggestions and support from them is the keep to our growth and success.

Our Skill-Development and Enabling Committee

We proudly accept our Skill Development Committee as our Guide, Mentor and all time Advisor for entire steps we take and our frequent update, suggestions and support from them is the keep to our growth and success.


Discover the Success Stories of Our Valued DOSTS. Read firsthand experiences and feedback from our satisfied members, highlighting the positive impact and benefits of being a part of MSME DOST. Their testimonials showcase the value and effectiveness of our platform in fostering business connections, growth, and success.

Saloni Arora Agarwal

"Being a part of MSME DOST has been a game-changer for my Pranic Healing business. The platform has provided me with an extensive network of business professionals, enabling me to expand my reach and connect with potential clients. The support and guidance from fellow DOSTS have been invaluable, and

Koshal Agarwal

"As a Company Secretary, joining MSME DOST has been an incredible professional experience. The platform offers a wealth of knowledge-sharing sessions, networking opportunities, and a supportive community that has helped me stay updated with industry trends and expand my professional network. MSME DOST has provided me with the platform to enhance my skills, exchange ideas, and establish valuable connections."

Viral M. Parekh

"MSMEDost - a business networking platform that has changed my mindset of 20-year-old traditional business methodologies. It provided me connect with like-minded professionals from different fields, discover new business opportunities, and expand my network. Irrespective of the products or services you provide, this platform is a must-have for anyone looking to grow their career or business connections."

Rakesh Mishra

"Joining MSME DOST has revolutionized my LIC business. The platform's strong referral network has significantly increased my client base, leading to exponential business growth. The camaraderie among DOSTS is commendable, as they provide unwavering support and guidance, making it a cohesive community focused on mutual success. MSME DOST is a game-changer for any business professional seeking growth and expansion."

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