What is the objective of MSME DOST? Who can join it? How it is beneficial for my Business?

MSME DOST is a business networking platform that brings together entrepreneurs and small business owners to network, promote, and grow their businesses. Any entrepreneur, small business owner, or professional who is interested in networking and growing their business can join MSME DOST. The benefits of joining MSME DOST include networking opportunities, access to potential clients and partners, exposure for your business, and the ability to learn from other business owners.

How often are meetings held and is it compulsory to attend the meeting? What happens at a meeting? Can I present my business at a meeting?
What marketing opportunities does MSME DOST offer? How can I promote MSME DOST to others?

MSME DOST offers a variety of marketing opportunities, including business profiles, sponsorships, and featured presentations at meetings. You can promote MSME DOST to others by sharing information about our platform on social media, recommending us to other business owners, and bringing Atithi (guests) to our meetings. You get special recognition and reward for bringing maximum Atithi and adding maximum DOSTS on the platform.

What are the charges for the Registration and is there any monthly meeting fees?

An Annual Registration charges is applicable that is charged for the usage of network, platform and other setup. At present w.e.f 1st May 2023 it is INR 5001/-. This charges is not refundable, adjustable, transferable or carried forward in any circumstances. A monthly meeting fees is charged to meet the cost of venue, dinner and other arrangement as well as Zoom setup charges and its collected quarterly basis and depending on cost of city it may varies from INR 2500 to INR 3600 quarterly and is chargeable irrespective of attendance.

If I am unable to attend the meeting what can be the consequences?

We have created the platform for networking and business exchange and so we have found enough of options to give visibility to the DOSTS and their Business. You can send someone who can represent your Business during physical meeting, your relative, friend, office representative, client, etc. Alternatively you can send your Audio/ Video clip that will be run when you are unable to make it. 2 continuous absent in physical meeting and 2 absent in digital meeting in a row or 4 absent in physical meeting or 6 absent in digital meeting will lead to removal of your registration and this is final and not challengeable except in certain exceptional medical ground or proper information to the managing committee or concerned official.

How the Leaders or Management Team for day to day management of MSME DOST group are selected or are elected?

Management Team, roles and responsibilities all will be based on performance by the DOSTS during the last 6 month or above tenure and accordingly its system driven performance based selection and mix with election. Only in some exceptional cases when a group or new location is started 1st set of body will be formed and assigned roles and responsibilities by selection that too considered purely on capability and commitment of the DOSTS.

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